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  • 1 on 1 OREA College Private Tutor Sessions
  • Real Estate Admission Test - Study Guide
  • Course 1: Real Estate As A Professional Career - Study Guide
  • Course 2: Land Structures And Real Estate Trading - Study Guide
  • Course 3: The Real Estate Transaction - General - Study Guide
  • Course 4: The Real Estate Transaction - Residential - Study Guide
  • Course 5: The Commercial Real Estate Transaction - Study Guide
  • Course 6: Real Property Law - Study Guide
  • Articling: Principles Of Mortgage Financing - Study Guide
  • Articling: Principles Of Appraisals - Study Guide
  • Broker: The Real Estate Broker Course - Study Guide

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As we all know, math is a game of practice. The Real Estate exam for particularly Phase 1 is very focused on testing the writers math. We suspect that nearly half the Phase 1 OREA™ exam can be math calculations where you are expected to calculate answers based on the information provided. We at PassOREA.ca understand this and provide our students multiple choice format questions to prepare them to face these types of questions. Though our course is offered in the format of e-learning, we provide every student the opportunity to interact with the course professors through our student help portal.


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