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This course expands on the content presented in the Residential Real Estate Transactions course, exploring how key concepts are applied in other types of residential transactions, including: condominiums; new construction; rural properties; residential multi-family dwellings; and residential leasing.


This course will cover the contents of the following modules:

  1. Introducing Residential Condominiums
  2. Preparing to Sell Residential Condominiums
  3. Completing Agreements of Purchase and Sale for Residential Condominiums
  4. Transactions Involving New Construction
  5. Transactions Involving Rural Properties
  6. Transactions Involving Residential Multi-Unit Dwellings
  7. Preparing to Lease Residential Real Properties
  8. Preparing to Lease Residential Condominiums
  9. Completing Agreements to Lease for Residential Tenancies


  • Exam 2: Invigilated Theory Exam

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Study Guide Content

  • 1

    10 Tips For This Exam!

    • Tips for the Exam

  • 2

    Study Guide Notes

    • Introduction to Residential Condominiums

    • Selling Residential Condominiums

    • Condominium Agreement of Purchase and Sale

    • New Construction

    • Rural Properties

    • MultiUnit Residential Properties

    • Residential Leasing

    • Leasing Residential Condominiums

    • Residential Agreement to Lease

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